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Platform Positions

While our state faces numerous challenges, I believe that we can overcome them through innovative and inclusive policies. As a proud progressive, I am committed to bringing change that moves our state forward in a way that all residents have an equal opportunity to succeed and better their lives.


Our state budget is facing a pending crisis because of the fiscal knot created by TABOR. I support efforts toward dismantling TABOR in order to help the legislature meet the state’s needs. I also support reprioritizes our spending to cut waste, and invest in our future.

Civil Rights

As a grandchild of the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s, equality was instilled in me at a very early age. I support equal rights for all, regardless of a persons race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or class. We must fight against laws that hinder a person’s rights like the damaging camping bans agains those experiencing homelessness, laws that allow discrimination against providing services to LGBTQ individuals, the pipeline to prison that affects Black and Latino youth, and racist school mascots that demean Native American students.

Criminal Justice

I believe in the rule of law, however our criminal justice system over incarcerates minorities and low income individuals. I stand for criminal justice reforms that reduce police contact which leas to racial and ethnic profiling, ends mandatory minimum sentencing, shifts discretion from the district attorneys to judges, and promotes restorative justice procedures. I stand firmly against capitol punishment and will fight to end the use of the death penalty in Colorado.


Having attended our public schools and universities, I firmly stand for increasing resources towards education, providing programs that help students, and shifting our priorities away from onerous testing in favor of supporting our teachers and meaningful classroom instruction, We need to ensure that more students are better prepared for post secondary education or job placement upon graduation by reforming graduation requirements. In addition we need to redirect state funding from corrections and private prisons back towards education and higher education in order in order to decrease the need and burden on our criminal justice system.

Energy & Environment

We live in the most beautiful state in the nation and we must protect our environment from industrial degradation. I support strict limits on oil and gas exploration, holding industries accountable to environmental damage, and promoting renewable energy innovations. We must protect our water rights and quality to protect our residents and farmers, and recreational industries. Climate change is absolutely a real concern that we must address by reducing our carbon foot print, and I will support measures that decrease commercial, industrial and consumer pollution.

Health Care & Mental Health Care

Far too many people in our state struggle with finding affordable access to health care and mental health care. We must expand medical research on campuses like the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center here in Aurora, provide more access to medicaid, reduce heath insurance costs by capping administrative charges, revamp medicaid reimbursement in order to attract more medicaid providers, and promote preventative care in order to reduce overall costs within the system.

Jobs & the Economy

Small businesses and entrepreneurship is essential to developing a thriving economy and job market in Colorado. I support streamline reporting and regulations, and creating job creation incentives and job training programs. We must remove barriers to employment like criminal questions on applications and I support increasing the minimum wage so that it is a livable wage.


Our transportation infrastructure is crumbling and is in bad need of repair and upgrading. I support innovative direct funding mechanisms that address these concerns like raising revenue from fuel and gas use and registration fees. We also need to make our roads safer by reducing distracted driving through implementing texting bans and promoting hands free technology. Our state must also modernize our roads and highways for new self driving and automated vehicles.

Veterans & Military Families

I support programs that help our veterans find jobs and get services that help them find housing, healthcare, and further education. I also support state programs that help military families meet their financial needs while their military family members are deployed.

Voting Rights

You vote is your voice and we must have laws that do not hinder your voice from being heard. I support measures that make it easier for all eligible Colorado voters to vote. I support mail ballots, more voting centers be made available, and longer hours for voting centers. I stand against ID laws and other policies aimed at making it harder for any group of citizens from voting.

Women’s Rights

I support equal pay for equal work and policies that promote eliminating the wage gap for women, and women of color who make substantially even less. We must ensure that women have the same access to education and job opportunities as their male counterparts. I also support a woman’s right to chose their reproductive healthcare and family planning.