Jovan Melton Official Photo longDear Fellow Community Member,

It is truly my greatest honor and pleasure to serve our community in the 69th General Assembly of Colorado as your State Representative for House District 41.

I currently serve on the House Finance Committee, the House State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Committee, and the Joint Legislative Council Committee. I’m committed to working with all of my colleagues on behalf of District 41, and with all of Colorado’s best interests in mind.

During the 2013 legislative cycle, we faced many challenges and achieved just as many accomplishment. As our district continues to grow and we enter into the 2014 session, I will be looking towards you for input and feedback. I serve as your “Representative” and I take that title to heart. I look forward to representing the interests of our community and I’m committed to our success in the years ahead.

Thank you,

Jovan Signature

Jovan E. Melton
State Representative – House District 41 – Arapahoe County
State of Colorado – 69th General Assembly