COVID-19 Update and Resources

On Tuesday, March 10th, 2020, Governor Polis declared a state of emergency due to the increase of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Colorado. Declaring a state of emergency allows the state to expand their resources for individuals and allow for greater flexibility. Here are some updates:

  • –  Testing: ​COVID-19 symptoms have been described as “flu like symptoms” including fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. It is important to get tested if these symptoms are present. Be sure to call your medical provider before visiting a facility to get tested because some facilities have a separate entrance for COVID-19 testing. Governor Polis also instructed Colorado insurers to waive costs and fees for testing in order to encourage individuals to get tested. For more information​ click here.


  • –  Work & Paid Sick Leave: ​The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment were instructed to ensure paid sick days to workers in food handling, hospitality, childcare, healthcare, and education while they wait for their test results. In the case an employee is tested and results are positive, Governor Polis instructed the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment to identify additional supports and wage replacement programs to aid workers who are affected by illness due to COVID-19. There will be updates following soon.


  • –  Renewing Driver Licenses: ​The Department of Revenue will also be allowing Coloradans over the age 65 and over to renew their driver’s licenses online. To renew your license ​click here.​ On the right hand side of the screen click “Renew a driver’s license/ID”I understand this can be both a difficult and confusing time for many individuals, but be assured we are doing everything we can to put Coloradans’ health first. Additional resource information is listed below, including how to stay safe and where to follow the latest updates on COVID-19.


    Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Colorado​: Media releases and statements from CDPHE about COVID-19:

    COVID-19 Facts for Coloradans​: More information about COVID-19, spreading and preventing it.

    COVID-19 Resources for Local Public Health Agencies and Healthcare Providers​: Includes information for local health agencies and healthcare providers and dealing with COVID-19

    Updates & Social Media:


  • –  Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response: ​@COHealth
  • –  Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment: ​@CDPHE
  • –  Colorado Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management: ​@COEmergency
  • –  Centers for Disease Control & Prevention: ​@CDCGov


  • –  Call CO HELP: (​303) -389-1687 ​OR ​1-877-461-2911
  • –  Email CO HELP: ​COHELP@RMPDC.orgPlease be on the lookout for an e-mail soon to drop that will give updates on my work at the Capitol including key and important information about legislation already passed this year.