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Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!


To all of my family, friends, supporters, and the voters of House District 41:

THANK YOU for standing with me and reelecting me to the Colorado House of Representatives by the largest margin of votes I have ever received. You have proven that one’s past should not determine their future, and I am extremely humbled and grateful for the tremendous opportunity and outpouring of support shown to me. I understand that we have a long road ahead, and I am committed to restoring the confidence of my constituents and my colleagues in the upcoming term.

I want to reiterate that I am extremely sorry for the pain I’ve caused, and I again ask both involved in the incidents reported for their forgiveness. A single day has not gone by in the past 19 years that I haven’t wished I took different actions to avoid such conflict. It is not lost on me that aggression of any kind is never okay. In addition to my previous statement to seek self-improvement, I’ll be reaching out to victim advocate groups to better understand how I can leverage my role as a legislator to ensure that victims have access to the services they need to feel safe.

In my fourth and final term in office, I am dedicated to completing the work we began 6 years ago. With your help, I’ve sponsored 58 bills passed into law, as well as a successful Amendment to the Colorado Constitution to abolish slavery in all circumstances. I could not be more proud of all that we’ve accomplished together and I am committed to the work you’ve once again elected me to do. I know we can continue to build a better future for communities throughout our district and across this state. Together we can move Colorado forward.